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Chube's 2017 Brier Pool

Sunday, March 12th... It's all over!  What a final.  What a semi-final.  Peel, McEwan!  Peel!!  
Here are the final standings with the bonus points factored in.  So, Troy takes home $186, P. Diddy Ackerman takes home $93, and yours truly gets $31 for my efforts.  Also, contrary to my previous statement, there is a $10 last place award to Mr. Washenfelder (when I had Canada's incorrect record, there was a tie at the bottom).

Saturday, March 11th... the round robin is complete (and so is the 1-2 game).
First of all, if any of you had checked my update on the message board, it was wrong.  I had team Canada at 7 wins instead of 8, so that changed a few things at the top.  Mainly it now gives Troy a slightly larger lead, and I believe with NL's win in the 1-2 game last night it unofficially locks up the victory for Troy!  DBoe needed MB to win and NL to finish 3rd or 4th for him to overtake Troy, but that can no longer happen.  I believe 2nd and 3rd place are still up in the air. 
Also, it looks like there is a tie at the bottom so there will be no Last Place award this year (money stays in the prize pool for 1st, 2nd, 3rd).

Weds., March 8th... Day 5 is complete... Troy jumps out to the lead, just
4 points from the perfect score.  Still lots of people within striking distance.

Tuesday, March 7th... Day 4 is complete... still quite a log jam at the top...

Monday, March 6th ... Day 3 is complete.  Please note that I missed a couple of entries from Gerald J.  He actually was one of the first to send the email (it was in my inbox on Feb. 27th), I even moved it to my Brier folder, and yet I somehow still missed entering it.  Anyway, the entries have been added (and prize pool increased), so please download the new spreadsheet here if you have the old one.  (I didn't bother updating Joe Average.)
Big logjam at the top:

Sunday, March 5th .... 11pm ... Day 2 is complete.  We have 30 paid entries, the usual fun entries of Lady Random and Joe Average,  plus one late entry from Lance.  He missed the deadline so he can't win any money but is curious to see how he would have done.  I've also added Mr. Perfect, whose picks I will update with the order of the current standings to show the best possible score.  I'll leave "him" at the bottom of the standings.  


CAN:  K. Koe
BC:  Cotter
AB:  Bottcher
SK:  Casey
MB:  McEwen
N.Ont:  Jacobs
ON:  Howard
PQ:  Menard
NB:  Kennedy
NF:  Gushue
NT:  J. Koe
RW:  NS(Murphy)/NU/YT/PEI

1.  Rank men's and womens teams separately (if applicable).
2a.  Give the team you feel will have the most wins a 12 and the least wins a 1.  You must rank 
the eventual relegation winner as one team.
2b.  Your score is determined by multiplying the ranking by the number of wins during the round
robin, and adding them up...  PLUS 6 points if your top-ranked team wins the final, 3 points
if your top-ranked team loses the final, or 1 point if your top ranked team places 3rd in the playoffs.
The playoff points are for your top-ranked team ONLY.  No points for your 2nd, 3rd, or lower ranked
teams making the playoffs.
3.  Entry fee is $10.
4.  Payout for each will be:  1st - 60%, 2nd - 30%, 3rd - 10%.  $10 will go to a person who
gets last place alone, if they finish above Lady Random.  The $10 will be taken off the 
total prize money before the above percentages
are calculated.  In the case of 40 or more 
entries, the prize money will be 1st - 50%, 2nd - 25%,
3rd 15%, 4th - 10%.
5.  Results are based on round robin and playoffs only... tiebreakers are not included.
6.  Entry fee must be in my hands (or one of my associates) before the start of the 1st draw.
7.  You may email, fax, phone, drop-off, or use whatever method you wish to get your picks to me
but they will not be accepted after the start of the first draw.
8.  I will pick my rankings and email them to someone else before looking at any of your picks.
9.  I will post everyones rankings on this page after they are all received.
10.  Keep this page bookmarked for updates and results.
11. Ties:  If there is a tie for 1st or 2nd the prize money will be split equally.  If there is a tie
for 3rd place only, the tie will be broken to determine who will get 3rd place alone.  To break
the tie the top ranked teams for each person in the tie will be looked at.  First of all, person
with the top-ranked team that does better in the playoffs will be awarded 3rd place.   After
that the head to head round robin records will be taken into account.
For example, if person A ranked Sask as 12 and person B ranked Manitoba as 12, then
if Sask beat Man in the round robin person A would get 3rd place.  If they both had the same
team ranked as 12, then you would look at who they ranked 11, then 10, etc.
If more than 2 people are tied for third, then the same scheme is used but you may have to
eliminate people one by one.  For example, if person A and B picked Sask as 12, and person
C picked Man as 12, then if Sask beat Man in the round robin person C is eliminated and we
look at who A and B rated as 11.  If Manitoba beat Sask in the round robin then person C would
get 3rd place.
I hope that made sense to you, it does to me.  If you want more explanation please let me know.
12.  No entry will be accepted after the start of the first draw.